Time in Phthalo Blue

Phthalo blue is probably the closest pigment to describe the blues of ice. Under certain light the hue can look more Cerulean.

In the most remote areas of Northern Greenland, icebergs get frozen into the sea ice, where they remain for months until the sea ice melts. These photographs were taken during a midnight walk on the sea ice, when a slight sprinkle of snow diffused the midnight sun. With these photographs I hope to evoke the same silence at the time of experience and capture...

I used a high resolution medium format camera. Therefore, the prints allow for high details.

The photographs come in small editions of 10 and are printed on large sheets of high quality rag paper:

62” (157 cm) x 40” (101 cm) $2900 (unframed) +s&h
74” (187 cm) x 48” (120 cm) $3200 (unframed) +s&h

Custom sizes available

Please send your inquiry to:
corina [at] gammasphere.net


Transform your space with a window into the remote Arctic.

My husband elegantly holding up one print to give a sense of relationship between actual print, paper and size.